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Application of double-sided tape in magic

  1, Fixing (fixing) The original meaning of fixing is repair, of course, it also means fixed, because I really can't find a word to describe this meaning. The fixing effect of double-sided tape itself has great application in magic. For example, the magic of Card on ceiling is very exciting, but it is not easy to fix the card chosen by the audience on the ceiling. Everyone knows that it can be done with magic wax, but when there is no magic wax on hand, use Double-sided tape can achieve a similar effect. The specific method is: cut a few pieces of double-sided tape, tear off the stickers, stack them together, and then use scissors to repair the square or the original shape (I have done experiments, each time All can be successful, but the time that the card stays on the ceiling is very limited. Maybe the card will fall when you continue to perform other magic, which is caused by the nature of the double-sided tape itself). As another example, the magic of capping a bottle, many people ca n’t perform because they ca n’t buy a magnetic ring or a magnet of the right size, and use double-sided tape to fix the cap on the wall of the bottle. Avoid this problem (of course, do not stick too tightly, otherwise the cap will not fall off).

  2, vanishes and transportation (disappear and transfer) This is a big use of double-sided tape, generally used in card magic, to put it plainly is used to cover up, paste double-sided tape on the back of a card , Put it on the entire deck of cards, so put the card chosen by the audience on this card, and gently press with your thumb, the two cards will become a card, and it will not separate In view of the illusion of the disappearance of the card chosen by the audience, the transfer effect can be achieved by using two identical cards,

The specific method is as follows:

(1) Prepare two identical cards, such as Red Heart Sixa and Red Heart Sixb.

(2) Place the red hearts six a under the deck of cards, and the red hearts six b at the place where you want the audience ’s cards to be transferred, and the pocket wallet is free. Then randomly find a card, the card is affixed with double-sided tape and placed on top of the entire deck.

(3) Force gives the audience the red hearts six a, put the red hearts six a on the whole deck of cards, so that the two cards on top stick together.

(4) After shuffling the cards, turn the whole card upside down and deal them one by one to the table. The cards chosen by the audience disappear (this deal must be quick, do n’t let everyone find the problem) .

(5) Then take out the thing you put in the red peach six b in advance, so as to complete the effect of this transfer. Recommended teaching: bottle up of oz (very classic), royale with cheese of Jay Noblezada (the transfer process is very good, I was also abused at the beginning), red hot mamacita (a little meaning of color source infection)