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How is kraft tape exist?

First, all-environmental protection material, kraft paper tape substrate for kraft paper, such as glue using biomass degradation glue, it will be a 100% biodegradable tape.

Second, high-strength kraft paper as the substrate, high initial sticky force, good maintenance, peeling strength.

Third, the package is beautiful, and cartons bonded, can be integrated with cartons into one, suitable for items, exports, weight items packaging.

Fourth, can shield the surface of the object words, the cracks in the middle of the carton, the surface can be written.

Five, waterproof, weather-resistant performance is stable, is an alternative BOPP film tape, do sealing boxes, tied the ideal choice.

According to statistics, in 2016 China's express industry used 330 million rolls of tape, can circle the equator 425 turns, because of the non-degradation of BOPP membrane tape, to the social and environmental burden. Replacing BOPP film tape with biodegradable kraft tape solves this problem perfectly. With the increasing attention to environmental issues, kraft tape replacement BOPP film tape has become the trend, are you ready?

Tianyuan, with a full set of kraft paper tape production equipment, raw materials from home, quality, service is guaranteed. We can produce kraft paper tape has: water-free kraft paper tape, wet kraft paper tape, high temperature kraft paper tape, low-temperature kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, kraft paper ziptape, etc. , welcome customer consultation, we will discuss the future development of tape.

From industrial products to handicrafts, the perfect metamorphosis of permanent packaging

Never throw a courier bag after the receipt, and there are many uses

Sealed plastic with zippers for an open-opening experience.


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