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Masking tape also has unknown tips

  0010010 nbsp; Masking tape is of a single type and is generally used in the interior decoration industry and household appliance painting, but requires some skills in the process of application. Below byMasking tapeThe manufacturer explains to you:

When using masking tape, please pay attention to the distinction between its models, otherwise it will bring some unnecessary troubles, and it can be used in interior decoration to make it combine with the wall very high. After peeling, no residue of masking tape will be left on the object, unlike double-sided tape. It also has the characteristics of low temperature resistance. Because it uses pressure sensitive glue, it has a good low temperature resistance function, and it will not show the phenomenon of degumming in low temperature environments.

In the application process, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the sticky items. If the sticky items are not dry, this will affect the viscosity and effect of the masking tape. After the application is completed, the tape should be peeled off as soon as possible to avoid the residual glue. If it is used on a small number of objects, it is necessary to stop using it early, as long as it is used at the time to ensure the viscosity of the adhesive paper in different objects and ensure the early quality.

Masking tape must be applied with force when used, so as to ensure that the tape and the adherend lose a good combination, and should be placed in a cool place when not used.

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