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What is the thickness of the transparent sealing tape?

Transparent sealing tape is the major industries of the industry is indispensable packaging supplies, the market has a variety of transparent sealing tape, you are not also for the enterprise to reduce costs need to pick high-quality and low-cost transparent sealing tape and headache it. Everyone in the purchase of transparent sealing tape is not the thicker the better?

When we use tape to see the actual use of tape, if it is a normal box, the general thickness can be, like 45u this is also enough to the box to play a complete sealing effect;

If it is a fit bag, it is estimated that 40u this low-viscous tape can achieve an ideal effect, custom thick sealing glue instead increased their own costs.

If it is used for the ordinary paper posting, is also used in general on it, but if it is used to save other items, it is recommended to use thicker, because this long-term preservation needs high sticky to achieve a better moisture-proof effect!

Transparent sealing tapeThe thickness is the combination of film thickness and glue thickness, generally the ratio of these two thickness demanders do not require, are 26u film thickness of the glue of 14u. Of course, if there is a requirement, then according to the required proportion of production. But many buyers have no concept of transparent sealing tape thickness, and can't know exactly what the tape they need is the thickness of the film and the glue ratio. This article for you to explain the transparent sealing tape thickness is how much? I hope it will help you all.

Generally speaking, the thickness of transparent sealing tape to 40u as the baseline floating up and down, 40u is more common thickness, the transparent sealing tape on the market is 40u-45u. The thinner the thickness, the better the price. Printed tape, thickness than ordinary transparent tape is thicker, generally more than 50u, most in 50-60u, the viscosity requirements of higher will go to about 65u, this is very sticky. So in the procurement of transparent tape and transparent sealing tape, do not only look at the thickness of the tape also need to be determined according to the actual situation!

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