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PET double-sided adhesive
PET double-sided adhesive
PET double-sided adhesive

PET double-sided adhesive has a good connection effect. It is used for the pasting of mobile phone nameplates, headphones, microphones, and accessories. The fixing of the reflective film of the digital camera. The LGD square light film has a strong adhesion between the backlight module. Clear, no residue, waterproof, elastic and not easy to break.

PET double-sided adhesive is transparent and seamless and can be transferred to high temperature and high viscosity oily double-sided adhesive tape.

It is made of PET double-sided coated acrylic acid adhesive. The color of the tape is generally transparent and black. The common thickness specifications are: 0.03-0. 25 MM, which has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical Stability, good initial adhesion and holding viscosity, easy die-cutting processing, good adhesion to plastic, rubber, nameplate; can be applied to a wider temperature range and harsh environment; long-term temperature resistance 100-120 ℃, short-term temperature resistance 140-200 ℃;

It is suitable for the bonding of nameplates, decorations and decorative parts, the bonding of plastic and rubber.

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3 M: 3 M 9495 MP, 3 M97 3 1, 3 M 9795 B, {{0} } M 9415 PC, 3 M 9495 LE, etc .;

TESA Desha: TESA 4972, TESA 4980, TESA 4982, TESA 4983, TESA 4965, etc .;

Zhengxian: 8983, 8972, 8980, 8982, 8928, 8967, 8965, etc .;

Crown: 6025 DT, 7100 DT, 7125 DT, 6100 DT, 6125 DT, 7968, etc .;

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