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Positioning paper transfer paper
Positioning paper transfer paper
Positioning paper transfer paper

Coated with removable natural rubber, odorless and environmentally friendly, high temperature resistant glue, no residual strands; can be used on oval plate printing machine, or octopus printing machine, used to protect the printing plate, greatly reducing the use of cleaning solutions The labor and time of the version effectively protect your platen and extend the service life of the platen.

The positioning paper is made of high-strength and high-toughness base paper, which is made of anti-sticking treatment on the back and coated with rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. The positioning paper is divided into three varieties: low, medium and high viscosity. The positioning paper is mainly used for the positioning of the transfer lining of various decals, and it is suitable for different adhesive forces according to the different processing methods of the surface to be laminated.

Low-viscosity positioning paper is suitable for glossy thin PMMA, PS, PC and other plastic plates; medium-viscosity positioning paper is suitable for polyester furniture plates and organic mirror-coated plates; high-viscosity positioning paper is suitable for thicknesses of 8 mm PMMA, PS, PC and other plastic plates and matte PMMA plates. Customers can choose low-, medium-, and high-viscosity positioning paper products according to the differences in climate, decal material, and size.

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