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2. 5 mm thick sponge tape
2. 5 mm thick sponge tape
2. 5 mm thick sponge tape

Foam tape high viscosity sponge double-sided adhesive strong fixed thickening advertising office foam rubber foam tape

It is suitable for decoration, decoration, light box characters, glass, advertising, aluminum-plastic board, electronics industry, furniture industry, metal, internal and external embroidering of cars, signs, nameplates, accessories, etc.

1. The double-sided foam tape has good adhesion and good retention, suitable for heavy-duty decoration such as aluminum-plastic board;

2. The foam double-sided adhesive adopts the current domestic formula, adapts to a wide range of climate, and is common in winter and summer;

3. The foam double-sided tape has a long shelf life, and the industry proposes to return and replace it in 20 months! Therefore, Haixiang Star Foam Double-sided Adhesive meets the current characteristics of many foam double-sided adhesive tape wholesale links and long inventory cycle, which completely lifts the worries of building material accessories dealers everywhere!

  1. Fully transparent EVA foam glue is easy to use, fast positioning, low odor, high strength, fully transparent and long shelf life.

  2 After curing, EVA foam glue has excellent properties of water resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, good flexibility and non-corrosive materials.

  3, EVA glue can be used to bond various EVA foam sponges with most materials.

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