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Japanese paper tape
Japanese paper tape
Japanese paper tape

Brand: Yonghehe Paper Tape Thickness: 0. 1 mm (± 0.0 1 mm)

Width: 18 mm Length: 18 m

Color: Orange-yellow Packaging: 70 roll / carton

Product introduction: This product is an imported original product. The biggest advantage of this product compared with traditional masking paper is that the adhesive edge is tightly bonded to the adhered surface, and there is no possibility of paint penetration, so the edge line wallpaper is painted. At the same time, the special paper base and adhesive formula make the product's temperature resistance, weather resistance, and adhesion viscosity much better than ordinary textured paper. Therefore, this product will become the most commonly used color separation tape in high-end decoration in the future. One. Applicable to: Using Japanese paper as the base material, the paper is mild, suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration and spraying, covering the use of paint. The viscosity is moderate, and it has good adhesion and covering properties for most smooth appearance, bends or corners. It has good workability and can be quickly removed after use without leaving any residue. Good initial adhesion, and good adhesion, easy to adhere to all kinds of appearance, low labor intensity, able to firmly fix the cover film and cover paper in the required position, to prevent sliding, falling, etc.

Advantages: It is used for baking paint process, PCB soldering and other temperature-resistant uses. It will not leave any glue when it is torn and is not easy to break. The edges of the paint are lined up in a straight line, and will not produce burrs like masking tape. It is suitable for high-demand products. Can withstand the effects of banana water, xylene, water and so on! Avoid degumming, decoloring, etc.

Compared with traditional masking paper, this product has:

  1. No residual glue: This product can be used without degumming at high temperature of 80-100 degrees Celsius.

  2. Straight line: The edge line is pasted straight.

  3. No penetration: It is more resistant to paint penetration than traditional masking paper.

  4. Weather resistance: Indoor use for a long time without transformation.

0010010 nbsp;

0010010 nbsp;

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