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Color masking tape
Color masking tape
Color masking tape

[Product name]: color masking tape

[Product use]: It is widely used in the decoration industry, automobile, shipbuilding industry spray paint, electronic factory color separation, etc.

【Product characteristics】: It is made of colored masking paper as the base material and coated with natural rubber, which has strong peelability, protects the surface of the article, and does not debond below 80 degrees.

(Color masking tape) It is made of masking paper as the base material and coated with rubber by a scientific process. It has the characteristics of quick adhesion, easy peeling, good flexibility, heavy hand tearing, etc. It is suitable for ordinary sealing and carton bonding Use, interior decoration, paint to cover bulky objects, dress cotton wool clearly and distinguish electrode direction (with seven colors), etc.

Color masking tape color is divided into: masking tape color is divided into black masking tape, white masking tape, red masking tape, dark blue masking tape, sky blue masking tape, pink Masking tape, green masking tape, orange-red masking tape, yellow masking tape, coffee masking tape and other colors.

Masking tape is mainly used for interior decoration, paint spraying, covering bulky objects, fixing bulky objects, removing lint, packaging, etc.

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