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PVC warning tape
PVC warning tape
PVC warning tape

The warning tape has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, weather-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, etc., and is suitable for the anticorrosive maintenance of open pipes such as air pipes, water pipes, oil pipelines and the like.

  1. Strong viscosity, can be used in ordinary cement air

  2. Compared with scratching paint on the ground, the operation is simple

  3. It can be used not only in ordinary air, but also on wooden floors, tiles, marbles, walls, and machines (and floor paint can only be used in ordinary air)

  4. Paint cannot draw two-color lines. Specifications: width {{1}}. {{2}} cm, length 21 m, total {{4 }}. 2 m2; thickness 0. 1 {{1} mm.

Anti-static warning tape can be used for floor area warning, packing box sealing warning, product packaging warning, etc., color: yellow, black, Chinese and English warning slogan, viscosity is oily extra high viscosity rubber glue, anti-static warning tape appearance resistance 107-109 ohms, the warning tape is used to mark the warning area, segment the risk warning, label classification, etc. There are a variety of black, yellow or red, white lines to choose from; the surface layer is wear-resistant and can accept high-flow pedals; tack Good, certain anti-corrosion, acid-base performance, anti-wear. Use: Paste on the ground, on the wall and on the machine to stop, warn, remind and emphasize.

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