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PET green tape
PET green tape
PET green tape

PET green high-temperature adhesive tape is made of PET film as a substrate coated with high-temperature resistant silicone. The color is green, good adhesion, good temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, no tin penetration, no residual glue, with excellent electrical properties: test Short-term temperature resistance 30 minutes 200 * C, long-term temperature resistance 180 & # 39; C tear off without residual glue. High insulation, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, acid resistance, low electrolysis. Friction resistance, tear resistance, good mechanical properties: strong adhesion, after leaving the masked surface without leaving traces.

PET green glue, composed of polyester film and silicone glue system, is a kind of adhesive tape used in the connection of printed circuit boards and films. It can not only meet the needs of PCB manufacturers when plating gold fingers, even in various types of Films, synthetic films, and papers can also meet the needs of users when they are joined.

It is suitable for the protection of PCB gold plating; the bonding of various films, synthetic leather, paper; good heat resistance; no degumming; it can be evenly torn in different storage environments. Product characteristics: The smooth PET film is coated with silicone with good adhesion, which has high temperature resistance (resistant to 200 ℃) and insulation.

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